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Filinta, tv series, aims to tell the stories of the institution of Kadı, whom worked honestly and honorably through the history of Ottoman Empire, to younger descents. Filinta is written and settled on the basis of justice, friendship and fraternity. The well- educated Kadıs, maintained harmony in social life and sustained peace through 600 years of Ottoman Empire. Our story is centered on Kadı Gıyasettin Hatemi and the police officer Filinta Mustafa, whom he raised. Mustafa is a highly intellectual, clever and handsome young man. He practices as a police officer with his best friend Ali, whom he grew up together in the orphanage. Kadı Gıyasettin belongs to the heir of a family connected to Simavnalı Bedrettin. He got education in Damascus, Bukhara, Cairo and Konya since he was little. He is a philosophical, calm person. He displays his wisdom in every scene. He also gave lessons to princes. He has student- teacher relationship with Sultan Abdulaziz. Our story begins with a conspiracy to Mustafa and Ali. In this plot, Mustafa loses his best friend Ali. He gets put on trial by the laws for execution and judged by Gıyasettin. Gıyasettin can’t move around, because of the evidences and witnesses. Each and every evidence points Mustafa. Gıyasettin sentences Filinta, whom he sees as his own son, to death. The one who conducted this conspiracy is the banker Boris. He is afraid of Mustafa because of some dark secrets hidden in his past. His business is also in hard because of Filinta’s operations, which aimed to end crime. Kadı Gıyasettin comes to see the Sultan and wants him to forgive Mustafa. He is very sure that Mustafa is innocent and he didn’t commit any crimes. Sultan Abdülaziz doesn’t allow this in the first place, but he also trusts his mentor. So he finds a way in between. He gives Mustafa a year to prove his innocence. If he can’t, he’ll be executed at the end of the year. Sultan Abdülaziz also has something to demand from Kadı Gıyasettin. He’ll become the Kadı of Galata, where the crime rates are really high, and end the miser there. Mustafa meets Boris’ daughter Lara as he tries to prove his innocence. They fall in love, but there is a huge obstacle between them; Boris. Mustafa and Gıyasettin will try to solve an event in each episode and also to survive under these circumstances. Each minute passing brings Mustafa closer to death, but Gıyasettin

and Mustafa will prove that they are the ‘Justice Fighters’ with their wise and clever solutions to the puzzles they encounter.

Episodes                   Duration
Onur Tuna, Mehmet Özgür, Serhat Tutumluer, Naz Elmas, Kamil Güler, Yosi Mizrahi, Kayra Şenocak, Serhan Ernak, Ercan Demirel, Sencer Serta, Feyza Işık, Umut Kırcalı, Kemal Zeydan, Reshad Strik
Produced By
Serdar Öğretici
Directed By
Kudret Sabancı
TX Date
Drama - History