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The Judas Tree is the tree of the Bosporus. Actually, it grows in various parts of Anatolia, but it is highly associated with the panorama, the culture and arts in Istanbul. When the Judas Trees blossom in spring, the reunion of the blueness of the sea with the deep-pink color in the Bosporus turns into a visual festivity. The documentary displays this natural wonder of Istanbul. Bilsen Gürer, who has spent her childhood under Judas Trees, tells the Istanbul of her memories. Artist Yilmaz Enes, who has been trying to apply Judas Trees in the art of marbling, describes it as a “tree that comes to life after overcoming many difficulties.” Dürdane Ünver, a master of the art of paper cutting, shows us how the riot of colors in the Bosporus are reflected in her work. Historian Salim Aydin goes back in time to the relationship between Istanbul and the Judas Tree. Painter Betül Aydiner Chacko shares the tradition of “Judas Tree sighting in the Bosporus” and the idea of “seeing the beauty” in her art with the audience. Railroader and curator Ruhan Çelebi tells about her first encounter with the Judas Tree and how it became a part of her life. Botanist Prof. Asuman Efe emphasizes the place of Judas Trees in the rich natural diversity of Anatolia and Istanbul. Miniature artist and social anthropologist Gülgün Anmaç highlighted the idea of “the ancient Judas Tree of the ancient city of Istanbul” and how well the Judas Tree suited the classical art of miniature. Hüseyin Emiroglu, the spokesperson of the Judas Tree Association of Istanbul invites everyone to Istanbul during the Judas Tree season, accompanied by paintings of Ahmet Yakuboglu and Süheyl Ünver. In literature, the Judas Tree has mostly been depicted in the poems of Hilmi Yavuz. Vedat Sakman on the other hand, has made a song for this tree, standing only two feet away fromhis heart.

Episodes 28                  Duration 30
Produced By
Sukran Bircan OZMEN
Directed By
Sukran Bircan OZMEN
TX Date
Documentary - Nature